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Doggy Day Care and Training 

What We Do

TweedDogs DayCare Centre is based just outside Lilliesleaf, on 7.226 acres of land with 2 acres of fully enclosed, dog proofed exercise area. This is split into five play/activity areas including a sensory garden, parkour, exercise and training zones.

With funding from the EU and LEADER we are able to provide a purpose built unit containing enrichment and rest areas for the dogs, toilet facilities, kitchen and free work area “Caroline’s Corner” in our 1800 sq ft building. This, plus, over 5 acres of walkway for on-lead dog walks.

We offer the dogs space to run, space to play, space to learn and space to quietly sleep… at their own pace…. with lots of human contact and cuddles from our experienced and qualified staff. We have a qualified behaviourist and a scientific and veterinary medical student amongst our staff.

TweedDogs also offers 1 to 1 dog training and behaviour modification support, puppy classes Socialisation & Play sessions and prepare yourself and your home for a new puppy sessions.

what we offer


TweedDogs offers dog behaviour modifications and obedience training on a 1 to 1 basis.  If you don’t understand why your dog behaves the way he/she does, or would like help with training, we can help. 

Puppy Classes

TweedDogs run 4 weekly puppy classes held in St Boswells Village Hall on a Sunday morning.  These classes include basic obedience, advice on unwanted puppy behaviours and on the different life stages that your puppy will go through – and importantly how we can help them live a happy and health life. 


Home pick ups/drop offs available from Galashiels, St Boswells, Newtown St Boswells, Melrose, Hawick and Selkirk. Spaces are limited. All dogs require to have an initial TRIAL DAY at the centre prior to admittance.

Trial Days 

The trial day is mandatory as part of our assessment process and involves new dogs being allocated a single member of staff who will be solely responsible for the dogs’ supervision. This usually takes the form of the staff member spending the first hour or so bonding with the new dog(s), followed by a gentle introduction to suitable chosen ‘playmates’ until such point as the new dog is completely comfortable. 

If during the introductions, a dog shows signs of anxiousness we will either go back to square one and start the process again, or remove one or more dogs to the point where the new dog is again comfortable.  Some dogs quite happily join into a group almost immediately, however, others take time and patience. Puppies in particular will continue to need more time and care and will at all times be placed in small groups with mostly calmer, older dog

Dog Day Care

We offer the dogs space to run, space to play, space to learn and space to quietly sleep at their own pace, with lots of human contact and cuddles from our experienced and qualified staff.

Dog Walking

Whilst at daycare, we walk your dog with up to three other pals from their group. This gives them the opportunity for enrichment as they walk along our woodland pathways.




We offer a 1to1 dog training and behavioural modification service.  Please contact us for further details.




Why Us?

As an Assessed and Qualified IMDTB Member of The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers ( we are proud to display the UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter symbol







Carolines Corner

Fab Fun for Pooches

Caroline’s Corner, is a free work area where we work 1 to 1 with a dog as they use their senses to explore, smell, seek out toys and treats and experience different objects and textures – all to mentally engage and calm them. This area is dedicated to a wonderful lady, Caroline Euman, whose love of dogs  (and all animals/birds  in fact) inspired us to create it.

Reviews From Our Humans

“Over the last few weeks we have seen such a difference in Max. His confidence has grown and he is now happy socialising and playing with other dogs. Cannot thank TweedDogs enough. Would definitely recommend them.”

Dawn via facebook

“My pup kilo was there today and by looks of the pictures he has had a great time, he’s came back tired and chilled out. He will definitely be back, highly recommended – great communication about how he’s doing on 1st day, thanks all at Tweeddogs, brilliant crew!

James via Facebook

“Superb daycare service for my dogs with all the love, care and attention I would give them myself.

Many activities, assault courses, sensory garden, indoor area and one to one training.”
Iona via  Facebook

Great service provided, lovely staff, great facility, my daughters Cockapoo enjoys his time there, very reasonable price. Picked up and dropped off to your home..”

Heather via  Facebook
  • Barney has been attending Tweeddogs Daycare for over a year now. The team are superb and very knowledgable and it's a delight to see how happy Barney is when he sees the van pull up. It's very clear that the team all care for the dogs and take time to get to know them individually. Highly recommend *****

    thumb Claire Taddei
  • thumb graeme mitchell
  • Review from Trish L, in Selkirk "I contacted Laura because of the problem I was having walking my 3 terriers together. Laura was very quick to respond. She asked me to fill in a questionnaire before her visit, this allowed me to give Laura plenty of information before we actually met. We arranged a date when she would come to see our trio of dogs and she joined me on a walk. During the walk (which is where I have problems) Laura gave me lots of tips and strategies to use to begin to solve the problems I was experiencing. I am continuing to use these strategies and we are making good progress but I realise, dog training is not achieved instantly. Laura has been out a second time to visit us to see the progress we have made and to give me more advice. She is very encouraging and has great ideas to train your dog/s to focus on you (their human Mum!) rather than the problem". I have also been able to email Laura re any issue regarding my dogs and she is always quick to respond and ready to give excellent advice. Anyone having any behaviour problems with their canine friends, then I suggest that they contact Laura. I certainly recommend Tweed Daycare, Training and Behaviour Centre in the highest possible terms.

    thumb Laura Glover
  • Our boy absolutely loves going to Tweeddogs. He's always excited when he gets there and tired out after playing all day when he gets home. We love seeing the pictures of what he has been up to and who he's been playing when they are posted. Laura, Helen and the team do an amazing job - highly recommended!

    thumb simon clew
  • thumb Karin Fowler

How much does it cost?

We love what we do and it’s a joy to spend time with the dogs –  we’re happy to answer any questions you may have – so please get in touch!

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