Puppy and Dog Training in the Scottish Borders

Puppy and Dog Training in the Scottish Borders

Dog Walking and Drop-In Service

Puppy/Dog Training and Dog Walking in the Scottish Borders

Accredited Dog Training and Behavioural Service

TweedDogs Training & Behaviour offers 1:1 dog training and behaviour modification support, puppy 1to1s,  advice on how to prepare yourself and your home for a new puppy and our new dog walking service.  If you need help with any aspect of your dog or puppy’s training or behaviour, then get in touch.  

Dog and Puppy Training


TweedDogs offers dog behaviour modifications and obedience training on a 1 to 1 basis.  If you don’t understand why your dog behaves the way he/she does, or would like help with basic obedience training, click the link below. 


 TweedDogs also now offer dog walking and a drop in service (for older dogs and/or puppy checks). We care about your dogs as if they were our own and walk a maximum of 4 dogs at a time (and only if they are known to each other).

Puppy Training

Puppy training 1to1s are held in the owners home and can cover all aspects of a puppys’ care and welfare – including basic training (recall, down, leave etc), how to deal with unwanted behaviours (jumping up, nipping), understanding life stages and much more.  

1 to 1 Dog Training

A training partnership to help you and your dog understand each other in terms of training. Ideal for general obedience and minor behaviour adjustment.


Designed to address behaviours such as aggression towards dogs or strangers, fear or anxiety, separation issues, and breed specific behaviours such as chasing, digging etc.

Why Us?

As an Assessed and Qualified IMDTB Member of The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (www.imdt.uk.com) we are proud to display the UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter symbol







Reviews From Our Humans

Super 1-2-1 session with Laura & our nervous girl who has a strong prey drive. Some simple training tips & we were able to walk through the town centre with a loose lead anticipating what might make her react by watching her & intercepting with treats. Brilliant tip of ‘find it’ with treats whilst out walking to satisfy her prey drive. Really enjoying walking again! Thank you.

Jo Broomfield

One to One Training

Myself and my partner met with Laura on Thursday. My puppy, Levi, has been fear reactive to strangers for a few months now, after only one session and about an hour with Laura he was confident within himself and greeting strangers on his own instead of becoming fearful, barking, and running away.
Laura, you work magic! Thank you from all of us
Molly Pantry

One to One Training

“I contacted Laura because of the problem I was having walking my 3 terriers together.
Laura was very quick to respond. She asked me to fill in a questionnaire before her visit, this allowed me to give Laura plenty of information before we actually met.
We arranged a date when she would come to see our trio of dogs and she joined me on a walk. During the walk (which is where I have problems) Laura gave me lots of tips and strategies to use to begin to solve the problems I was experiencing.
I am continuing to use these strategies and we are making good progress but I realise, dog training is not achieved instantly.
Laura has been out a second time to visit us to see the progress we have made and to give me more advice.
She is very encouraging and has great ideas to train your dog/s to focus on you (their human Mum!) rather than the problem”.
I have also been able to email Laura re any issue regarding my dogs and she is always quick to respond and ready to give excellent advice.
Anyone having any behaviour problems with their canine friends, then I suggest that they contact Laura. I certainly recommend Tweed Daycare, Training and Behaviour Centre in the highest possible terms.

Trish L, in Selkirk

One to One Training

My puppy and I have just completed the 4 week block of puppy classes with Laura. These classes have been a great way for my puppy to meet other dogs and introduce him to training. We covered lots of things from why puppies behave the way they do to lead training and recall. I’ve owned a dog from a puppy previously but I’ve learnt lots of new and better techniques this time round. Laura is on hand to answer any questions or concerns and I would thoroughly recommend.

Esther Cowan

On Puppy Training

Just completed the four session puppy training sessions with Laura from TweedDogs. Sessions are really friendly and relaxed but you and your puppy will learn loads. Training sessions were really well paced, giving lots of opportunities to put into practice the advice being given.
Homework, yes there is homework 😀 encourages you to practise the exercises through the week and carries the training over to the next session. If you are in the Borders and have a new puppy, get in touch with Laura at TweedDogs. The sessions will give you loads of confidence and your puppy will love you even more for it!
Gavin Innes

On Puppy Training

just completed a 4 week block puppy class with my wee daft floofer.
Laura is absolutely super.
she is a fountain of information, wisdom and fully understands (and empathises) the craziness and hard work a pupper entails.
I cannot recommend this service enough.
Great value for money. Full email support, fast responses and just an all round lovely lady.
Fred and I have learnt lots from class!
keep up the good work, TweedDogs!
Lisa Davidson

On Puppy Training

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